Every listing benefits from some level of Staging.  J Creations offers homeowners, developers and real estate brokers a variety of quality Staging to Sell services for both Vacant and Occupied properties.

is a 3-step process


This service starts with a tour of the property as seen through the perspective of a buyer.  An assessment is conducted of the exterior curb appeal followed by an interior evaluation and a room-by-room analysis.  Results are reviewed with the client recommending staging strategies and creative solutions to maximize and secure the property’s equity.


Prep Work

Next step is the execution of the recommendations provided during the Consultation.  J Creations will facilitate and manage this process using their trusted trade partners and professional resources.  The extent of prep work is dependent on the condition of the property and the client’s budget. Each project is unique. 


Showcasing is the creative process of transforming a space into a vision of excellence.  This crucial and final step is the icing on the cake that impacts the buyer and leads to an offer.  Once complete, the property is market-ready and dressed to impress for the open house and on-line presence.